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 Aluminium colour codes for holder 
Aluminium vial holder CryoCane 
Amber narrow mouth bottles, PEHD 
Amber narrow-mouth bottles, PP 
Amber wide mouth bottles, PEHD 
Analytical filter funnels 
Analytical filter units, Nalgene 
Analytical test filter funnels 
Autoclavable Lowboys canisters 
Autoclavable utility carrier 
Autoclaving baskets 
Biohazard waste containers 
BioTransport carrier handles 
BioTransport carriers 
Bottle top filters 
Bottle top filters, MF75 series, PES membrane 
Bottle top filters, MF75 series, SFCA membrane 
Büchner funnels 
Carboy vent filter 
Carboys Clearboy 
Carboys with stopcock, PC 
Carboys with stopcock, PC 
Carboys with stopcock, PELD 
Carboys with stopcock, PP 
Carboys with stopcock, PP 
Carboys, PC 
Carboys, PEHD, rectangular 
Carboys, PELD 
Carboys, PP 
Carboys, PP, rectangular 
Carboys, with stopcock, PELD 
Centrifuge bottle, FEP 
Centrifuge bottles with sealing cap, PC 
Centrifuge bottles with sealing cap, PP-copolymer 
Centrifuge bottles with sealing cap, PPCO 
Centrifuge bottles, PC 
Centrifuge bottles, PP-copolymer 
Centrifuge tube closures 
Clean Sheets bench for shelf and drawer liner 
Closures for barbed bulkhead fittings 
Coloured cryo boxes 
Conical Oak Ridge centrifuge tube, PPCO 
Conical-bottom centrifuge bottle, PC 
Conical-bottom centrifuge bottle, PPCO 
Conical-bottom centrifuge tubes, PC 
Conical-bottom centrifuge tubes, PPCO 
Cryo boxes for microcentrifuge tubes 
Cryo racks 
CryoBox PC, Nalgene, system 100 
CryoBox racks, stainless steel, Nalgene 
Cryobox, PC, Nalgene 
Cryogenic vial closure colour coders, PS, Nalgene 
Cryogenic vials, PP, Nalgene 
Cryogenic vials, PP, Nalgene 
Cryovial racks, floating 
Cryovials rack, PC, Nalgene 
Cryoware labels, Nalgene 
Cryoware markers, Nalgene 
Dense storage system 
Dewar flasks 
Dropper bottles, coloured screw cap / control dispensing tip 
Dropper bottles, PELD 
Dropper bottles, PELD, white PP closure and PELD control dispensing tip 
Dropper bottles, white, coloured screw cap / control dispensing tip 
Dropper bottles, white, white closure / control dispensing tip 
Dropping bottle, FEP 
Economy bottles 
Erlenmeyer flasks with screw closure, FEP 
Erlenmeyer flasks with screw closure, PC 
Erlenmeyer flasks with screw closure, PMP 
Erlenmeyer flasks, baffled 
Erlenmeyer flasks, PC 
Erlenmeyer flasks, PP 
Fernbach culture flask 
Filling / venting closures 
Filter forceps 
Filter holders with receiver 
Filter unit receivers MF75 series 
Filter units 
Filter units for tissue cultures, MF75 series 
Filter units MF75 series, SFCA membrane 
Filtering flasks 
Flexible top works systems 
Floating stir bars 
Fluid-transfer closure 
Fluorinated Jerricans 
Fluorinated large wide mouth bottle 
Fluorinated narrow mouth bottles, Nalgene 
Fluorinated rectangular carboys with spigot 
Fluorinated wide mouth bottles 
Freezing container 
Graduated cylinder 
Griffin beakers 
Griffin beakers, PP 
Handle for single-use carboy 
Heat-shrink bands 
Heavy-duty carboys, PP, thick-walled 
Horizontal cryo box racks 
Instrument / pipette sterilising pan 
Invitro Biotainer bottles / carboys, PC 
Invitro Biotainer bottles / carboys, PETG 
Invitro Biotainer carboys, PEHD 
Jerrycans, PEHD 
L900 liquid detergent 
Laboratory notebooks 
Labtop coolers 
Labtop coolers, - 20 °C 
Large narrow-mouth bottles, PELD 
Large narrow-mouth bottles, PP 
Large wide mouth bottles, PEHD 
Large wide mouth square bottle, PP 
Large wide mouth square bottle, PPHD 
Large-volume FastCap bottle top filter 
Low particulate / low metals bottles 
Lowboys canisters 
Mason jars 
Measuring jugs, PEHD / PMP, with handle a. spout, graduated in ml / oz 
Media bottles with certified cleanness 
Media-Plus filter units MF75 series 
Microcentrifuge tube racks 
Mini syringe filters, Mini-Spritzenfilter, CA membrane 
Mini syringe filters, nylon membrane 
NALGENE 4-in-1 EZ Tote 
Narrow mouth bottles, PEHD 
Narrow mouth bottles, PEHD, sterile 
Narrow mouth bottles, PELD 
Narrow mouth bottles, PFA 
Narrow mouth bottles, PP 
Narrow mouth PassPort IP2 bottles 
Narrow neck bottles, FEP 
Oak Ridge centrifuge tubes with sealing cap, PC 
Oak Ridge centrifuge tubes with sealing cap, PPCO 
Oak Ridge centrifuge tubes with sealing cap, PSF 
Oak Ridge centrifuge tubes, FEP 
Oak Ridge centrifuge tubes, PC 
Oak Ridge centrifuge tubes, PP-copolymer 
Oak Ridge centrifuge tubes, PSF 
Pipette cleaning sets 
Plates for vacuum chambers 
Polyolefin pressure-sensitive labels 
Probe adapter closures 
Protection sleeve CryoSleeve 
Quick-action spigot, ETFE 
Quick-action spigot, PP 
Rapid-Flow disposable filter units 
Reactangular bottles 
Rectangular bottles 
Round-bottom centrifuge tubes, PC 
Round-bottom centrifuge tubes, PPCO 
Safety bottle carriers 
Safety information wash bottles 
Safety splash shield 
Safety waste funnels 
Safety waste systems 
Sealing caps assemblies 
Sealing caps, Oak Ridge Style 
Separating funnels 
Separatory funnels 
Spherical-bottom centrifuge bottle 
Square bottles, PC 
Square bottles, PEHD 
Square bottles, PP 
Square media bottles 
Staining boxes 
Standard VERSI-DRY lab soakers 
Sterile conical-bottom centrifuge bottle 
Sterile diagnostic bottles 
Sterile disposable Erlenmeyer flasks with baffled bottom and PTFE membrane 
Sterile disposable Erlenmeyer flasks, baffled bottom 
Sterile disposable Erlenmeyer flasks, plain bottom 
Sterile disposable Erlenmeyer flasks, plain bottom and PTFE membrane 
Sterile single-use carboy 
Sterilisation filter units, MF75 series 
Storage boxes 
Super VERSI-DRY lab soakers 
Syringe filter, PES membrane 
Syringe filters, SFCA- / CA membrane 
Syringe filters, nylon membrane 
Syringe filters, PES membrane 
Syringe filters, PTFE membrane 
Tanks, PEHD, cylindrical 
Tanks, PEHD, rectangular 
Tanks, PP, cylindrical 
Tanks, PP, rectangular 
Test tube peg racks 
Test tube racks, Polyketone, Nalgene 
Test tube racks, PP, Nalgene 
Top works systems for media bottle tops 
Unwire test tube racks 
Unwire test tubes half-racks 
Vacuum chambers 
Vacuum desiccator, PC, Nalgene 
Vacuum jars 
Vented closures for sterile disposable Erlenmeyer flasks 
Wash bottles, FEP 
Wash bottles, PELD 
Wash bottles, wide mouth 
Waste containers with cover - biohazard 
Wide mouth bottles 
Wide mouth bottles PassPort IP2 
Wide mouth bottles, FEP 
Wide mouth bottles, leakproof 
Wide mouth bottles, not Leakproof 
Wide mouth bottles, PMP 
Wide mouth bottles, thick-walled, PEHD 
Wide mouth bottles, thick-walled, PP 
Wide mouth jars, PMP 
Wide mouth jars, PP 
Wide-mouth centrifuge bottle, PEHD 
Wide-mouth jars, PC