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100 well microtube storage boxes 
50 Well microtube storage boxes 
81 well microtube storage boxes 
Amber narrow-mouth bottles, PP 
Autoclavable Lowboys canisters 
Autoclavable utility carrier 
Bio-Simplex carboys, PP 
Biohazard bags, PP 
Black light tight storage boxes 
Carboys with stopcock, PP 
Carboys with stopcock, PP 
Carboys, PP 
Carboys, PP, rectangular 
Centrifuge bottles, PP-copolymer 
Centrifuge tube closures 
Closures for barbed bulkhead fittings 
Conical centrifuge tubes 
Cryogenic vials, PP, Nalgene 
Cryogenic vials, PP, Nalgene 
Cryovial racks, floating 
Cube rack 
Disposable culture tubes, borosilicate glass, with screw thread 
Erlenmeyer flasks, PP 
Filling / venting closures 
Filtering flasks 
Floating microtube racks 
Fluid-transfer closure 
Gas collecting tubes 
Gas washing bottle 
Griffin beakers 
Griffin beakers, PP 
Heavy-duty carboys, PP, thick-walled 
Instrument / pipette sterilising pan 
KIM-KAP polypropylene closures 
Large narrow-mouth bottles, PP 
Large wide mouth square bottle, PP 
Mason jars 
Mega Racks 
Miniature tubing connector, PP, Y-shape 
Miniature tubing connectors, PP, adapter, straight 
Miniature tubing connectors, PP, adapters, T-shape 
Miniature tubing connectors, PP, L-shape 
Miniature tubing connectors, PP, straight 
Miniature tubing connectors, PP, straight with thread 
Miniature tubing connectors, PP, T-shape 
Narrow mouth bottles, PP 
Oak Ridge centrifuge tubes, PP-copolymer 
OneRack tube racks, PP 
Peg tube racks 
Pop-up racks 
Probe adapter closures 
Quick-action spigot, PP 
Rota-Rack Duo tube rack 
Screw caps for culture tubes 
Sealing caps assemblies 
Sealing caps, Oak Ridge Style 
smartSpatula disposable spatulas 
Spectra / Por dialysis tubing clips 
Square bottles, PP 
Sterile inoculating loops 
Tanks, PP, cylindrical 
Tanks, PP, rectangular 
Test tube peg racks 
Test tube racks, PP, Nalgene 
Test tube stands, PP 
True North flatpack freezer boxes, PP 
True North flatpack freezer boxes, thin film PP 
Universal tube rack 
Unwire test tube racks 
Wide mouth bottles, leakproof 
Wide mouth bottles, not Leakproof 
Wide mouth bottles, thick-walled, PP 
Wide mouth jars, PP