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Amber narrow mouth bottles, PEHD 
Amber wide mouth bottles, PEHD 
Carboys, PEHD, rectangular 
Dewar flasks 
Fluorinated large wide mouth bottle 
Fluorinated rectangular carboys with spigot 
Fluorinated wide mouth bottles 
Invitro Biotainer carboys, PEHD 
Jerrycans, PEHD 
Large wide mouth bottles, PEHD 
Lowboys canisters 
Measuring jugs, PEHD / PMP, with handle a. spout, graduated in ml / oz 
Narrow mouth bottles, PEHD 
Narrow mouth bottles, PEHD, sterile 
Narrow mouth PassPort IP2 bottles 
Reactangular bottles 
Rectangular bottles 
Square bottles, PEHD 
Sterile single-use carboy 
Tanks, PEHD, cylindrical 
Tanks, PEHD, rectangular 
Vented closures for sterile disposable Erlenmeyer flasks 
Wide mouth bottles 
Wide mouth bottles PassPort IP2 
Wide mouth bottles, thick-walled, PEHD 
Wide-mouth centrifuge bottle, PEHD