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BioTransport carriers 
Carboys Clearboy 
Carboys with stopcock, PC 
Carboys with stopcock, PC 
Carboys, PC 
Centrifuge bottles with sealing cap, PC 
Centrifuge bottles, PC 
Colour coders 
Coloured cryo boxes 
Conical-bottom centrifuge bottle, PC 
Conical-bottom centrifuge tubes, PC 
Cryo boxes for microcentrifuge tubes 
CryoBox PC, Nalgene, system 100 
Cryobox, PC, Nalgene 
Cryovials rack, PC, Nalgene 
Dense storage system 
Erlenmeyer flasks with screw closure, PC 
Erlenmeyer flasks, baffled 
Erlenmeyer flasks, PC 
Fernbach culture flask 
Freezing container 
Invitro Biotainer bottles / carboys, PC 
Labtop coolers 
Labtop coolers, - 20 °C 
Labtop coolers, - 20 °C 
MAX-100 CryoStore Boxes 
Oak Ridge centrifuge tubes with sealing cap, PC 
Oak Ridge centrifuge tubes, PC 
Round-bottom centrifuge tubes, PC 
Spherical-bottom centrifuge bottle 
Square bottles, PC 
Storage boxes 
True North mini coolers 
Tubing holder 
Wide-mouth jars, PC