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Standard VERSI-DRY® Lab Soakers

Paper with PE backers. Absorbs 750 ml / m². With a skid-resistant, waterproof, chemical-resistant polyethylene backing that makes spill containment easy. Thousands of Thirsty Cells™ quickly absorb spills and cushion breakable labware. Use as a tray, drawer or shelf liner or to wipe up spills.
For application with bench top protectors, shelf and cabinet liners, tray liners, radioactive applications, hood liners, floor soakers / mats, shipping liners for hazardous materials, clinical applications, surgical applications, LAR units-cage liners, animal surgeries.
 DescriptionDimens­ions (L x W)PackPUOrder No.Manuf. Prod. No.
 Tear-off pack91 m x 51 cmof 300 sheets1670283062050-00
 Roll91 m x 51 cmof 1200 sheets1670283162060-00
 Roll46 m x 51 cmof 300 sheets1670283262065-00
 Tear-off pack30 m x 51 cmof 1600 sheets1670283362070-00
 Mat46 m x 51 cmof 350 sheets1670283462080-00