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Pipette Cleaning Sets

Conveniently packaged sets with one pipette jar, basket and washer-rinser in the size indicated or each component separately available.

Pipette baskets:
Rugged, resilient baskets cushion pipettes. Perforated screen is recessed into base for complete drainage. Basket outer Ø 133 mm.

Pipette jars:
Tough, stiff, seamless jars resist stress-cracking. Ideal for soaking glassware, washing pipettes with corresponding rinsers and baskets. Flanged PPCO-base for added stability. The formula shown on the jars label is effective and lasts longer than standard solutions.

Pipette washer-rinsers:
One-piece leakproof washer-rinser. Wide range of cycling speeds, operates with water input from 1.5 to 12 l / min without siphon-stall. When there is a drop in water pressure, water inlet at top eliminates the risk of back-siphoning contaminated water into the water line. Tubing for both inlet and outlet is packed with each unit.
pipette length
PUOrder No.Manuf. Prod. No.
 Pipette cleaning set, three-part406170487945250-0040
 Pipette cleaning set, three-part610170487955250-0050
 Pipette cleaning set, three-part81317049923DS5250-0060
 Pipette basket20317048783DS5241-0020
 Pipette basket40617048784DS5241-0040
 Pipette basket61017048785DS5241-0050
 Pipette jar406170487895242-0040
 Pipette jar610170487905242-0050
 Pipette jar813170487915242-0060
Pipette washer-rinser406170487925245-0040
Pipette washer-rinser610170487935245-0050