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Saint Gobain
Tedlar® Gas Bags and Liquid Sampling

Chemware® gas bags and liquid sampling, Tedlar® film. Use for gas or liquid sample containments.
  • EPA cited.
  • Flexible.
  • Will not contaminate sample.
  • Choice of fitting style: on / off or septum - for sampling trains.
PUOrder No.Manuf. Prod. No.
 On / off460 x 46020.319929627D1075013
 On / off600 x 60037.719929628D1075014
 Septum600 x 60037.719929718D1075021
 On / off150 x 1500.319929725D1075009
 On / off230 x 2301.619929726D1075010
 Septum150 x 1500.319929727D1075016
 On / off300 x 3003.819929787D1075011
 Septum460 x 46020.319930196D1075020
 Septum230 x 2301.619930414D1075018
 Septum300 x 3003.819930436D1075017
 Septum380 x 3808.119930925D1075019
 On / off380 x 3808.11X2002D1075012